Thursday, July 17, 2014

Six Weeks to Love Running: THE FIRST MEETING


Welcome to your love affair with yourself! It may sound odd to begin a book about
running in such a way, but this is not your typical book about running. Consider this book a
guidebook, a how-to book, a self-improvement book, and an interactive self-discovery journal.
I am not alone when I say that running is much more than a physical practice. To me,
running is solitude and possibility. Time to think and dream, for my mind to wonder and play.
A time for me to consider who I am and who I want to become. I have always worked to make
my running practice into something I enjoy. I did this by learning about how to do it, and
what style and training methods worked for me. I was never super competitive about it and
didn't really care if I was fast or not. For the most part, I have a relaxed attitude about running.
I never considered it to be a form of torture and while, yes, it is exercise, for me the exercise part
was a side effect of putting my mind in a restful, blissful, positive state while my body became
healthy. It is my hope that this gentle attitude about running will rub off on you as you enjoy
this book and program.


Not all running programs are created equal. Not everyone runs for the same reasons and
with the same considerations. Running to lose weight or to train for a marathon will require
different approaches to your training program. This book is to help you safely begin a
running program, develop a love of running, and set the habits to move toward whatever
your goal may be.


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